Infrastructure Improvements

A long-time proponent of pedestrian safety and infrastructure improvements, Daniel has written several op-eds in the local paper and appeared in front of the City Council urging the City to make headway in the foundation of Alpharetta: its infrastructure. As a Councilmember Daniel will continue to bring these concerns into the forefront to ensure we have infrastructure that suits the interests of our city now and for years to come.

Responsible Growth

Watching Alpharetta grow for over 30 years, Daniel has seen firsthand the move from 2-lane roads with 4-way stops to 5-lane behemoth intersections. While growth is good and inevitable, it’s important to grow responsibly and provide balance to the City.

Leading Parks

Alpharetta has some of the best parks in the area, but that’s no reason to rest on our laurels. Daniel plans not just to keep them where they are but to help Alpharetta lead the way to better parks for the region as a whole. While Wills Park may get much of the City’s attention, Alpharetta needs to work to improve and expand parks on both sides of 400 so that all residents can take advantage of the great amenities the City has to offer.

Public Safety

Policing has been in the news a lot in the last few years. Daniel believes that Public Safety, including the Fire Department, is a necessary function of any local government. The City’s Public Safety teams should be well trained and held to the highest standards possible. Daniel would like to explore the City adding a specialized crisis intervention unit to the Department so that mental health crises are handled with the compassion deeply needed in such situations.

In addition to the formation of the Crisis Intervention Team, Daniel aims to fully fund the vacant Police Officer positions as well as create a new Patrol Zone in the Downtown area, adding additional officers to the force.


By having one of the highest Homestead Exemptions in Fulton County, Alpharetta homeowners benefit from some of the lowest property taxes in the area. Daniel plans to ensure taxes stay as low as possible while ensuring the City can deliver top-notch services to all residents.